sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011


Seguem os quatro episódios restantes da piração iniciada mês passado.

Nonsense, teu nome é Danger 5!

In their first mission together as a team, Danger 5 must stop the Nazis from stealing the world's largest holding of black diamonds, which are kept in the Swiss World Bank. Seems like a piece of cake... served with gas and punishment.

Danger 5 have scored themselves a free trip to the Bahamas, but it turns out this holiday package has hidden fees. Looks like Danger 5 will have to make a down payment in bullets.

After a quick round of Marconis at the Nassau airport bar, Danger 5 rendezvous with their Nazi liaison and embark on a road-trip to Göring's island getaway. However, Nassau roadways are a dangerous place and Danger 5 soon fall victim to the "Terror of the Streets" ...Italians.

In the final instalment of The Diamond Girls, Danger 5 go head-to-head with Herman Göring and his posse of invincible She-Nazis. Apes and trains ensue.




Longer drinks, longer cigarettes, longer bullets, longer episodes!

If you can't watch SBS One, then please be assured we're working on bringing Danger 5 to a TV screen in your country. If not, there is bound to be a torrent out there soon enough... but if you want to support our work then buy the DVD as well!

Victory has a new name!


Depois dessa, só 2012!

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